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Google Fixes Critical Flaw in Chrome

Well, there have been important updates for google chrome that fixes security flaws in them. One of them which is critical, usually the highest that we see is high severity, which is very important. But we do have one that is critical, which means it is extremely important to fix that security flaw. So if you want to really make sure that you stay safe, you know the web browser is your first-line defense, keeping it up to date is extremely important. 

Critical security flaw needs to be fixed as soon as possible, as they could technically get the computer and have the computer taken over by hackers and attackers through any means to take control of your PC, and put ransomware, and such malware viruses into them by exploiting it.  

The latest news from the Google Chrome update is made known a week ago. This new Google update security solves and fixes 4 security flaws altogether, but leaves 1 exploited in the wild. That is, people and hackers know about this update and sometimes exploit their need to control other people’s devices and inject malware into their systems. 

Google tried its best and is still trying the process of finding a way to patch up the highly exploited critical security flaw in Chrome and Browsing. Many Windows machines were reported to have been discovered as being attacked and exploited for their security information. Mostly through Javascript, memory buffer, memory allocation vulnerabilities, and many such ways were found to have been used by remote attackers in order to take control of a system through the stable channel update (103.0.5060.114) flaws. One of the highlighted security issues that were actively exploited openly, which was referred to as “Heap buffer overflow”, allowed audio and video communication to work across a variety of web browsers. Overwriting the memory buffer to make attackers’ commands execute, highly leads to an influence over or direct control of the processes of an operating system, if it is not well protected and secured. Even though the security flaw exists, it is believed that the high risks of letting it out are only known inside among the researchers who had at first discovered the threats and have been able to take them in advance to fix them before anyone uses them for any harm. 

This Stable Update for Google Chrome on PC has been updated with the new versions rolling out for the users to update them in their individual systems. If your PC didn’t automatically update the new version of Chrome, you can go for the manual update too.

How Can you Update your Google Chrome to the Newest Version?

A critical flaw was found inside Google Chrome which allowed hackers to break into people’s computers. The issue has been fixed in the latest version of Chrome but you need to make sure you are running the latest update of Google Chrome on your PC or mobile phone. 

To do this; in the top right-hand corner of your browser, you can find the option ‘Customise & Control’, click on it, and then on Help in the drop-down box menu, select ‘About Google Chrome’ where you can find the latest version that you should be running in your software devices. 

With the vulnerability already being exploited by many people and hackers, Google Chrome has tried to patch up its flaws by rolling out quick critical fix updates for their Chrome Browser. Google Chrome users are urged immediately to update their browsers in order to provide more safety, security, and privacy from unethical or any such attacks. 

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