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Google Simplifies Password Manager

In this era where we all own many technological assets, there is a high need for protection for those files and records from hackers and data leaks from affecting our resources and information privacy. And that is why we create passwords for each of our accounts for more safety and security. 

Still, it is being told us to have a strong and different password for various accounts and handles. Sometimes or many times it gets hard to remember all those different passwords. And as a solution for it, high-tech people found something called a password manager. Tech giants like Google also have created a function called password manager which manages, and stores your saved passwords in Chrome or Android. Those passwords are securely stored as encryption in your Google account database which is available across all of your devices locked behind a master password.

Google Password Manager

Google Password Manager enables you to create, remember, and sometimes autofill passwords on your device (computer or phone) or on the web in chrome, when retrieved into the login site.

When looking at the benefits that Google Password Manager gives us, many factors come to my mind. Firstly we don’t have to memorize all our passwords anymore nor write them on any small paper which later we wouldn’t find within time. Secondly, if you are unable to come up with a password for your accounts, don’t worry. Google password manager can auto-generate highly secure passwords for your accounts in a knack of time. Third, you also get an alert when you come across a phishing site. It also supports digital inheritance, helping your beneficiaries when you pass away. It’s not only that, password managers can save pretty much of your time. These password managers help you to protect yourself against identity theft too.

If we look up more about Password Manager, we can find that there are many options for us like Google’s Password manager, 1Password, Bitwarden, and other third-party options that we can choose to manage and secure our passwords. However, with Google changing its looks and evolving and updating its features, the new updates make it even easier for beginners to use Google Password Manager. A major update to its built-in password manager brings many improvements to the service by grouping many passwords of the same sites or even apps together for the ease of finding and managing those passwords. 

Another new update of Google password lets you add a shortcut to their Android home screen. Google Password Manager recommends and allows you to create a strong password for your mobile and computer, or in any operating system. It also checks for weak, compromised, and reused passwords and notifies the user to change them into strong passwords. With more simplified access to your passwords, Google Password Manager allows you to manage them and add them directly on all platforms. One such update is the “Touch-to-Fill” facility which Google announced in 2020. With more such updates and development, Talkclue can believe that Google Password Manager is something we can trust or can use for the time being to save our passwords from any unethical hacking with a 2-step verification process and many such protection layers available in it.

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