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Apple Expands Health Tracking in iOS 16 and watchOS 9

By aiming toward fitness enthusiasts, Apple is trying to create first impressions with its expanded health tracking systems in iOS 16 and watchOS 9 devices. Bringing up more of such updates to the health tracking front, watchOS 9 polishes some of the other bits too making Apple Watch more competitive in the market. 

Apple’s event of WWDC 22 attracted the main focus on iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 for all their new goodies. And because of that, watchOS 9 was largely kept shadowed without even making any news at all. The very little update that has been able to surface so far is about the minor updates to existing functionalities in watchOS 9 that can try to spruce up your life and user experience a little better.

For those who use Apple Watch as daily wear essential, watchOS 9 is trying to bring enough changes making a great difference to people’s fitness routine and other health patterns. 

Also, they can help to lift up your mood whenever you lift or use your wrist or even move your hand. 

Apple with the expansion of Health Tracking in iOS 16 and watchOS 9, is trying to implement its vision of making it an intelligent guardian of your health. A new report details from Apple speaks about expecting more in both of the upcoming operating systems. Providing storage for more than 150 types of users’ health data, the new OS also focuses on 17 different areas related to health and fitness.

Heart health, activity monitoring, and sleep monitoring. That isn’t all that the Apple device can keep track of for you. Functionalities like mobility monitoring can work to detect falls or unsteadiness. To help out with meditation and focus, there are mindfulness exercises as well. Featuring more functionalities like specialized pregnancy workout recommendations, and cycle and period tracking, these devices become women’s friendly. Medication schedules and Medical Research options are also available within this device. With the rise of cases during the pandemic period, things made health monitoring a part of our daily routine. And for that, we started to use such multifunctional watches for the processes. Even providing notifications for possible exposure, vaccination record addition, and remainders for healthy practices like hand washing is also a part of the functions of the device. 

Third-party apps that are compatible with health kits are available or works on the device, helping for more self examination of our health state. Device-specific apps which specialize in specific health aspects like one drops measurement of blood glucose level, Qardio’s blood pressure monitoring, or MIR Smart One’s metrics on respiration are available on the device.

These and more such useful expanded features can be awaited to be availed in the new iOS 16 and watchOS 9 during the updates and the launch that is expected to happen this fall. Some features need an Apple Watch and some work on a iPhone. So you should very well check on the available options on both of them and buy and use accordingly.

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