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How to Use Gmail With Your Own Domain Name (2 Methods and 1 Is Free)

Even though most people use Gmail and have their mail IDs ending with an “”, it sometimes doesn’t seem very professional for serious applications. Did you know that Gmail lets you have your own domain name for your Gmail account? Well, it is possible in two ways; a free as well as paid way. 

If you already have email hosting from your web host, you can find a way to connect Gmail to your own specific domain name for free. For this, you might have to use SMTP/POP3 credentials. As for the paid method, you can use the Google Workspace/G Suite method. 

Owning a business or non-profit organization, you might need a more professional domain name for your google account and mail. A regular, as well as free option for you to change your Gmail domain name, is through configuring a free Gmail account to send and receive with your custom domain name. 

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In order to dive into the free option, you might need some prerequisites to accomplish it. A domain name, web hosting, an email address that uses your domain name at your web hosting company, and a free Gmail account are all that you need as a proviso. Even if you currently are unable to come up with a domain name or don’t have web hosting, there are many providers like Hostinger and Bluehost that can give you a free domain name for like one year and after for more years if you sign up for their services.  

As for the first step for changing your domain name for free, you might want to create a free Gmail Account. Inputting your name, username, and password, you can easily create a google branded email address. After you have created a Gmail or Google account, log in to it and configure it to change it into your domain name. For that, navigate to your Gmail settings after getting into your Gmail inbox. From there, select the top right corner icon of settings and click on the see all settings option. Navigate through the options and click on the Accounts and Import tab from the top tab menus. Down in the option, click add a mail account button. After clicking, a pop-up will come up and guide you through the process of adding a custom email address to Gmail. Thereafter entering your mail address, select import emails from my other account (POP3) on the next page. Log in to your business email account through the form showing up. There enter your full email address for the username. After all the configuration and verification mails, you can successfully get your custom email addresses officially linked to your Gmail for free.   

By paying for Google Workspace formerly called G Suite, you can use Gmail with your own domain name. Instead of using a Gmail address, you can create an entire google account with your own custom email using Google Workspace. You can get access to Gmail, Docs, Drive, Meet, Sheets, Calendar, etc. Well, you can go for business plans or with individual plans if you are planning to get service from G Suite. 

First, you need to create a Google Workspace account and follow the setup wizard to configure the details for creating your own domain name. Then verify your domain name in G Suite. Add MX records for your email and start using Gmail with your own custom-made domain name with Google Workspace.

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