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Streaming Apps Love to Work Against You

The Lockdown has been a time of new journey of findings of different genres of content to watch while staying at home with the streaming Apps, making it easier for us to find them all categorized, making it ready to watch. But still don’t you think that they are a little hard to use and most of them just shove the new TV shows and popular movies into our faces instead of letting us choose what to see on our home pages on these Apps? 

Well, something that is coming new to Amazon Prime Video App updates is its appearance being similar to the famous streaming app, Netflix. If we see deep into it, we can understand that it just makes things more complicated. The user interface of Netflix already has a lot of its own problems and it is just going to make it more similar to such hardships for the Amazon Prime Users if it gets updated into something similar to that of Netflix. 

If you take any streaming Apps in case, there is none of them that actually gives the users what they want. And even the hardship being faced while using them at first is meant to be like that, in order to give less control over the users and more of the App controlling its users to make them choose what the App wants them to choose. 

The basic design’s functionality of streaming apps to make their users watch things as quickly as possible is frankly not a good way to impose any users to watch any TV shows,  movies, videos, or music. One main reason for this is believed for making up for the watch hours and streaming hours as it increases monetization through continuous watching. Also to avoid frustrated users who give up on finding the best or perfect movie, recommendations and options are being displayed at first on these streaming Apps, leaving very less individual tastes of content to be chosen. By getting users hooked on a new show, streaming apps want to obscure the limits of their own catalog. However, this kind of ‘Pushy’ approach that the streaming apps are inducing its users to discover content is not going anywhere anytime soon. 

If anything is being posted in any streaming apps, all that we want to do is watch every episode and then next and next continuously watching all at one stretch. Sometimes in the home list that shows the recent releases on streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon, and Apple TV+, you might find the ones that you would be looking for. And sometimes, you might have to dig more to find them. Well, we do try to complete the whole series together in these streaming Apps. And that is one of their agenda for their users, to get them hooked on new shows and movies after completing one. The quality of their recommendations is what determines the success of a streaming platform in attracting more users and watchers. Their engagement with the people who subscribe to these streaming platforms also becomes a profit pattern for them. 

Whatever it is, streaming apps would probably continue to stay in the market for a long time with more and more users making it their mode of entertainment leaving theatres out in the sun to burn. 

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