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How to Use the iPhone App Library?

App Library is a new feature available for iOS 14 or later, where you can find and organize your apps in new ways. To open an app in the app library, tap an app you see in a folder. If a category has a few small app icons, you can tab them to expand the category to see all the apps in it. To search for an app, tap the search field. Then enter the app name that you are looking for. Or you can scroll up and down to browse the alphabetic list. 

To hide an app from the home screen, touch and hold the app. Tap “remove app”. Tap “remove from the home screen”. 

To add an app from the app library to the home screen, touch and hold the app. Tap “add to home screen”. 

The app library is all the way to the right-most screen at the end of your home pages. Over there you can see that it kind of intelligently organizes applications according to a category. Now the first thing you want to know is if there were any easy and faster ways to get all the way to this app library. You can go ahead and hold on to the dots on the home page and go like for a  fast swipe over easily to go to the app library. And for searching any app, you can search it by going to the app library and typing the app name on the search field at top of it. If you want to see the other applications, you have to change your action from a swipe over to a swipe up vertically after going to the app library.

The next thing to know about the app library is that you can go ahead and tap and see how Apple has organized your applications. Unfortunately, you cannot move those apps around.

If we go to the app library, we get to see that even if we put it on the home screen though it still stays over here within those folders. 

Along with the customization for the app library and home screen widgets, you can also customize a home page and hide it if you don’t want people to see it. For that, hold on for more than a second on any free space on the home screen to trigger jiggle mode. Then tap the series of dots appearing at the bottom of the page. That will lead you to a page showing all the home screens that you have in minimized form. There you can click on the tick button and remove it to hide them. 

In the new iOS 15, if you don’t want any apps to get downloaded and clutter up your home screen, you can go to the settings on your iPhone and change the option for apps to be downloaded to the home screen. In settings, tap ‘Home screens’. There tap on ‘to App library only’, and switch on or off the ‘Show in App Library’ option to control and set app downloads to only appear in the app library.

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