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New Apple Leak Doubles Down On iPhone 14 Release Surprises

Even if bets are being placed for the supersize of the iPhone 14 range towards the successor to the iPhone 13 Mini, doubts still lurk around the handset’s name at launch. Six months have passed and the big and small leakers and rumors still unite talking about the branding for Apple’s new and affordable smartphone with a 6.7-inch screen size; the iPhone 14 Max.

With the surfacing of the name ‘iPhone 14 Plus’ the rumors leaked till now were put into questioning. And with the leaking of an alleged image of iPhone 14 cases, things have doubled down on the branding of the company. 

The leaked image is believed to be shared by a reliable Apple insider, DuanRui. The image holds four phone model cases each labeled as iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro Max. 

The leaker here, DuanRui is someone who has a strong track record in this area. He has previously shared images of case packing of the iPhone 12 lineup series, which had revealed ‘iPhone 12 Mini’ branding; which was later confirmed subsequently by Apple at its launch event.

If it stands correct, then cases also are believed to confirm two other key details of the launch. One is about the size of two models. iPhone Pro Max and iPhone 14 Plus might probably be of the same size, nearly to 6.7-inches. The other key detail is that iPhone 14 Pro models would have 3 cameras instead of 2 on the standard models and will be having larger camera modules as well. Now, all these leaks tie up with leaks of higher resolution sensors in the new flagships. 

For consumers, branding might not be a concern. But as for the company, it is kind of a big decision of Apple to avoid such confusion at its launch event. Apple has already shown its hand with the naming of its M1 chips with the Max brand, which is reserved for a higher-performing chip than M1 Pro. 

A strategy has been now tipped in to continue with standard models for the future by throwing in Max to make a little sense. Given that, iPhone 14 Plus might also sport last year’s processor. As Apple has a precedent with the Plus brand naming, the iPhone 8 Plus sat below the iPhone X, being associated with it more with the size than the elite status among the range. 

Being an iPhone user and waiting for the next model to purchase, you might be concerned about the iPhone 14 battery capacity, price, and more features. But still, the official and true details might only be brought out by Apple after some time. For that, it is better to save yourself from these and more unrealistic leaks and rumor news trying to demystify falsely the range to friends and your family. 

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