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The Foldable iPhone: Price, Release Date, Rumors, Specs, and News

The latest news from Apple is the rumors of the launch of Apple’s foldable “iPhone Fold”. iPhone Fold is a mini name that we will keep calling and hearing about more for the next few years. This new concept device uses hinges and a foldable OLED display, giving its users a large screen in a small footprint. The 8-inch display screen supports different folding configurations. 

Well, iPhone Fold is the evidence that Apple is starting to consider a folding technology in its famous series of iPhones. Through testing and patents, Apple is getting the first time to this new technology. Just like Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Z Fold tablet, Apple might be bringing such foldable clamshell model full-screen phones and tablets in the coming future. As the rumors till now name the new invention as ‘iPhone Fold’, another similar name ‘iPhone Flip’ is also considered as a possibility for the upcoming project of the Apple iPhone series. 

Whatever design and features add up to the new models, iPhone Fold is just another Apple mobile running iOS. The only thing that would distinguish iPhone 14 or 15 from iPhone Fold will be the folding gimmick or design.

Looking at the foldable design, people find a disadvantage in its thickness. With today’s world of users looking for more and more slim design devices, this factor might stay hard on the release of the iPhone Fold mobile. Still, the Apple phone’s popularity will be keeping up with the sale of every new model of iPhone that Apple releases. Also, the hinges in the folding part of the device might result in wear and tear with the continuous opening and closing of the phone. 

As for the display feature, the current generation of iPhones uses OLED displays. It is anticipated that iPhone Fold would also be built with OLED and micro-LED, with many tests being conducted for the perfect fit of the model design. 

The camera being an essential part of every Apple mobile device, we can be sure of not getting disappointed with the camera and biometrics of the new models of iPhones. The foldable part might have a single camera surface that acts as a front cam when folded and a back cam when opened. Also, we can expect to see high-performance sensors on the new iPhone Fold mobile as well. 

As for the release of the iPhone Fold, we can expect it only after the release of the upcoming iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 release. That leaves us with an expecting date in the year around 2025 for the sensational iPhone Fold or Flip to get released. 

Now for the part of Price rumors, it is not going to be cheap. It might cost near or over $1000. With the display size getting more and more extended, making it resemble a tablet, there might be a fair chance to get an Apple pencil that supports it like iPads. 

As the rumors have been scarce and unreal, it is quite hard to pick up the right facts to provide ethical information about the product. Also, the speculations being given out about the fun color shades in which the new iPhone Fold is going to be released makes it even more interesting for our wait.

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