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The 10 Best Free Skype Alternatives of 2022

In these recent years, we can see that video and voice calling apps have come a long way with much better features and functionalities. With most all businesses being operated online on a global level, the need for a one-to-one video chat for interactive team meetings and discussions, conferences, webinars, classes, messaging, interviews, updating, and more requires a multi-functional online communication platform like Skype. 

After more evaluated technologies, many other such Skype alternative applications were made and were popularized due to more affordability, ease of use, voice and video calling, collaboration features, scheduling, software integrations, multiple device support, and security.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is quite a more easy version of Skype which lets you do everything you can do on Skype for Free. Hangouts also make it easier to search for Google Hangouts accounts by using email addresses and phone numbers. Chatting using text, audio calls or video calls is easily possible with Google Hangouts.


If you are an Apple user, then FaceTime might be your easy-to-go Skype alternative. FaceTime is very simple to use and is built into all Apple products. This free app offers end-to-end encryption while communicating online.


A solid app that lets you use it on your phone as well as on your desktop after signing up from your phone first. By just offering every classic feature of group chats, video calling, and stickers, Viber is also a good choice in the messaging arena. Both free and in-app purchases are available for Viber accounts.


This free app has been around for decades and also has been given an update accordingly for the modern era as well. Not only does it support encrypted calls and group chats, but ICQ also gives you an option to convert voice messages into text for you to read during moments when you can’t listen to the voice messages at the moment.


A common term ‘Discord’, that revolves well with gamers is a popular all-in-one chat tool for every gamer. Discord app can be well utilized even if you are not a gamer to chat with a group of your friends or any people around the globe. It is free and also has an option available with a subscription.


Formerly known as Ring, Jami is a free and open source communication tool that is available on every major platform with encrypted communication possible with no ads featured. Text, audio, and video messaging are possible in Jami and the app is a viable Skype alternative for Linux users, just like Tox.


Zoom is the most popular alternative for Skype offering reliable service to Windows, iOS, and Android users. The simple user interface makes it perfect for many scenarios. This flexible app allows calls, video chats, and group video calls on every platform possible. 


Whatsapp is best for ease of use as a Skype alternative for free. With a huge user base, it is indeed one of the biggest instant messaging services in the world. Offering text, voice, and video chats, it also supports stickers, gifs, images, documents & video sharing, and sending options.


Slack is best for a quick call. Often thought of as a business tool for text and instant messaging collaborations, Slack is available for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. The free version offers one person video chat option, but for more powerful features, you might need to subscribe to it.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger has always been a great platform to chat with your friends and connect with them through Facebook. Offering quick access to chats and audio calls, Facebook Messenger also has an extra feature like sending money to someone.

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